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Welcome to Talking Resume

USITplus Business Solutions proudly presents yet another jewel in its crown of achievements and introduces an innovative way to cut down the hiring process for both Candidates and Clients. Utilizing the latest technologies we introduce Talking Resume which will cut short the way the whole hiring process works. Regardless of location, a candidate can get an edge over hundreds of applicants by simply recording his/her video within Talking Resume, thereby enabling the prospective employer not only the ability to view the resume but view the candidate directly to determine communication skills which can be shared to a prospective employer who will not only view a resume of the candidate but also see the candidate and Based on the answers provided and communication skills shown via the video an employer can extend an employment offer.

Benefits of RegistrationWatch our video demo

A candidate with the help of PC/Internet and a web cam can record his/her video detailing the experience on the resume thus acquiring a three dimensional edge over all the other applicants.
Benefiting from Talking Resume a candidate can better demonstrate his/her experience, knowledge, desirability and communication skills a lot better than a simple text resume.

Candidate not only able to record his/her video synopsis but also can take part of interviews from USITplus Clients. Candidate can record an interview at his/her time of choosing and able to record answers to questions from the USITplus clients. Taking part in a video interview can also cut the long hiring process of Phone screening and face to face interviews.

In this highly competitive Job market Talking Resume will help you stand out from the competition.

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Video Interview

Talking Resume is a way to let you shine among all the applicants by recording your video detailing your experience, expertise and knowledge which will enhance your chances and boost your career.

A Video interview helps a candidate by adding his/her visual profile for a prospective employer adding his/her sound bites that explains who you really are. With the help of Talking Resume a prospective employer is no longer bored bydull text resume, but rather is excited  to see and hear the candidate along with the resume.

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How it Works

Talking Resume is a very simple and user friendly tool and we make sure all your focus remains on recording a good interview or resume synopsis. Here is how it works:

  1. You need a PC with internet connection with webcam
  2. You will be asked to register to create your profile
  3. You need to upload your Doc resume

Now simply record your 60 second video detailing your experience.

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