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How it Works

How it Works

Talking Resume is a very simple and user friendly tool that provides a candidate an edge over all the competition. We make sure you stand out via the comprehensive video synopsis, thereby enabling your ability to connect with a prospective employer. Here is how it works:

To record your resume It is very important that you record your video when there is no distraction or noise.

  1. Sit up straight and look straight into your web cam
  2. Make sure you are into the web cam frame
  3. Do not sit in front of a Window which can blur your image
  4. Make sure you have ample light around you
  5. Turn off your cell phone at the time of recording
  6. Record a video when its complete silence
  7. Speak up and in a clear voice
  8. Keep your answers short, concise and keep an eye on the timer and try to finish your answer before time runs out.
  9. Most important Keep smiling the whole time

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